Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)


Volume 14, Issue 3, 2017 July/September

14(3), 2017 July/September


From the SBTE President José Buratini
From the President of AETE Dimitrios Rizos
From the Chairs of the Scientific Committee Felipe Perecin, Paula de Carvalho Papa, José Eduardo Santos

Conference Paper
The role of L-carnitine during oocyte in vitro maturation: essential co-factor? Kylie R. Dunning, Rebecca L. Robker
Brazilian embryo industry in context: pitfalls, lessons, and expectations for the future João Henrique Moreira Viana, Ana Cristina Silva Figueiredo, Luiz Gustavo Bruno Siqueira
In vitro production of bovine embryos: cumulus/granulosa cell gene expression patterns point to early atresia as beneficial for oocyte competence Gianluca Mazzoni, Eduardo Razza, Hanne S. Pedersen, Jan Secher, Haja N. Kadarmideen, Henri Callesen, Lotte Stroebech, Kristine Freude, Poul Hyttel
Postnatal consequences of assisted reproductive technologies in cattle Peter J. Hansen, Luiz Gustavo B. Siqueira
Negative energy balance and metabolic stress in relation to oocyte and embryo quality: an update on possible pathways reducing fertility in dairy cows Jo L.M.R. Leroy, Jessie de Bie, Lies Jordaens, Karolien Desmet, Anouk Smits, Waleed F.A. Marei, Peter E.J. Bols, Veerle Van Hoeck
Application of integrative genomics and systems biology to conventional and in vitro reproductive traits in cattle Gianluca Mazzoni, Hanne S. Pedersen, Gerson A. de Oliveira Junior, Pamela Alexandre, Eduardo M. Razza, Henrik Callesen, Poul Hyttel, Marcelo F.G. Nogueira, Jose Bento S. Ferraz, Haja N. Kadarmideen
Antral follicle count in cattle: advantages, challenges, and controversy Fábio Morotti, Amanda Fonseca Zangirolamo, Nathalia Covre da Silva, Camila Bizarro da Silva, Camila Oliveira Rosa, Marcelo Marcondes Seneda
Cryopreservation of in vitro-produced embryos: challenges for commercial implementation Bruno Valente Sanches, Amanda Fonseca Zangirolamo, Nathalia Covre da Silva, Fabio Morotti, Marcelo Marcondes Seneda
Does maternal size, nutrition and metabolic status affect offspring production traits in domestic species? Morgane Robles, Pascale Chavatte-Palmer
Understanding the uterine environment in early pregnancy in cattle: How have the omics enhanced our knowledge? Constantine A. Simintiras, Niamh Forde
Reproductive programs for beef cattle: incorporating management and reproductive techniques for better fertility José Luiz M. Vasconcelos, Rafael Carvalho, Rogério F.G. Peres, Adnan D.P. Rodrigues, Izaias Claro Junior, Mauro Meneghetti, Fernando H. Aono, Wedson M. Costa, Catarina N. Lopes, Reinaldo F. Cooke, Ky G. Pohler
Timed artificial insemination: current challenges and recent advances in reproductive efficiency in beef and dairy herds in Brazil Pietro Sampaio Baruselli , Roberta Machado Ferreira, Marcos Henrique Alcantara Colli, Flávia Morag Elliff, Manoel Francisco Sá Filho, Lais Vieira, Bruno Gonzales de Freitas
Practical implications of sperm selection techniques for improving reproduction Jane M. Morrell, Arumugam Kumaresan, Anders Johannisson
Basic and practical aspects of pregnancy establishment in cattle Hanne Skovsgaard Pedersen, Gianluca Mazzoni, Lotte Stroebech, Haja N. Kadarmideen, Poul Hyttel, Henrik Callesen
Impact and mechanisms of inflammatory diseases on embryonic development and fertility in cattle Eduardo S. Ribeiro, Murilo R. Carvalho
Follicular environment and oocyte maturation: roles of local peptides and steroids José Buratini, Ana Caroline Silva Soares, Rodrigo Garcia Barros
Effects of nutrition on sexual development of bulls Heinrich Bollwein, Fredi Janett, Martin Kaske
Achievements and unmet promises of assisted reproduction technologies in large animals: a personal perspective Cesare Galli
Postpartum uterine infection and endometritis in dairy cattle Iain Martin Sheldon, Sian E Owens
COST-Action GEMINI and EPICONCEPT: what we learned after 8 years? Ann Van Soom, Alireza Fazeli

Number of oocytes retrieved per donor during OPU and its relationship with in vitro embryo production and field fertility following embryo transfer Yeda Fumie Watanabe, Alexandre Henryli de Souza, Rodolfo Daniel Mingoti, Roberta Machado Ferreira, Emiliana Oliveira Santana Batista, André Dayan, Osnir Watanabe, Flávio Vieira Meirelles, Marcelo Fábio Gouveia Nogueira, José Bento Sterman Ferraz, Pietro Sampaio Baruselli

Abstracts - 31st Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Embryo Technology Society (SBTE)

TAI/FTET/AI (Abstracts A001 to A084) 
OPU-IVP and ET (Abstracts A090 to A141) 
Folliculogenesis, Oogenesis and Superovulation (Abstracts A155 to A180) 
Physiology of Reproduction in Male and Semen Technology (Abstracts A184 to A202) 
Embryology, Developmental Biology and Physiology of Reproduction (Abstracts A220 to A255) 
Cloning, Transgenesis and Stem Cells (Abstracts A281 to A297) 
Support Biotechnologies: Cryopreservation and cryobiology, diagnosis through imaging, molecular biology and "omics" (Abstracts A302 to A327) 

Abstracts - 33rd Meeting of the Association of Embryo Transfer in Europe (AETE)

TAI/FTET/AI (Abstracts A085E to A089E) 
OPU-IVP and ET (Abstracts A142E to A154E) 
Folliculogenesis, Oogenesis and Superovulation (Abstracts A181E to A183E) 
Physiology of Reproduction in Male and Semen Technology (Abstracts A203E to A219E) 
Embryology, Developmental Biology and Physiology of Reproduction (Abstracts A256E to A280E) 
Cloning, Transgenesis and Stem Cells (Abstracts A298E to A301E) 


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