Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

About the Publisher

Colégio Brasileiro de Reprodução Animal - CBRA (Brazilian College of Animal Reproduction) was founded in 1974 as a nonprofit technical scientific association. CBRA is very well known in Brazil for the promotion of continuing education in animal reproduction and biology through the organization of conferences and publication of scientific and technical journals.

CBRA Contact information

Av. Cel. José Dias Bicalho 1224, Lj. 4
Bairro São José, Belo Horizonte - MG
Brasil - CEP 31.275-050
Horário - 8:00 hs às 17:00 hs
Tel: (31) 3491-7122

CBRA Publishing credentials

As the oldest society on animal reproduction in Brazil, CBRA is proud to be responsible for organizing two major meetings and publishing two journals:

  • Congresso Brasileiro de Reprodução Animal: created over four decades ago, this biennial national meeting gathers more than 600 participants.

  • International Symposium on Animal Biology of Reproduction: this smaller and more specialized meeting is held every other year and brings more than 20 international speakers to interact with Brazilian researchers seeking to foster collaborative work with other countries.

  • Animal Reproduction (ISSX 1984-3143, online): an open access online journal released in 2014 as an international journal, this periodical is fully published in English and includes many foreign authors.

  • Revista Brasileira de Reprodução Animal: (ISSN 1809-3000, online; 0102-0803, print): this open access online journal released 40 years ago and electronically in 2005 publishes articles in English and Portuguese related to technical practices on animal reproduction.

  • Manual para exame andrológico e avaliação de sêmen animal: an animal andrology handbook, organized and published in partnership with the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture.

CBRA has also organized the 15th International Congress on Animal Reproduction, held in 2004; the 30th International Conference on Animal Genetics, held in 2006; the 5th International Symposium on Stallion Reproduction - ISSR, held in 2008, bringing together students, researchers and practitioners in the fields of veterinary medicine, animal science, biology, and other areas of interest on the biology of reproduction.

CBRA Managing team

Every four years, a new president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer are elected to assist with organizing and managing the Society.

A new mandate started as of July 2019 including the following members:

President’s office

  • Marcelo Rezende Luz, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil
  • Ivan Cunha Bustamante Filho, Universidade do Vale do Taquari - Univates, Lajeado, RS, Brazil


  • Carlos Eduardo Ambrósio, Universidade de São Paulo, Pirassununga, SP, Brazil
    1st Secretary
  • Alexandre Rodrigues Silva, Universidade Federal do Semi Arido, Mossoró, RN, Brazil
    2nd Secretary


  • Mayara Ferreira Brito, Centro Universitário Newton Piava, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil
    1st Treasurer
  • Felipe Zandonadi Brandão, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niteroi, RJ, Brazil
    2nd Treasurer

Scientific Affairs

  • Prof. Marcelo Resende Luz, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - Belo Horizonte - MG
    Scientific Diretor
  • Prof. Felipe Zandonadi Brandão, Universidade Federal Fluminense - Niteroi - RJ
    Scientific Vice-Director

Publications Board

  • Prof. Dr. Carlos Eduardo Ambrosio, Universidade de São Paulo, Pirassununga, SP
    Publishing Director
  • Prof. Alexandre Rodrigues Silva, Universidade Federal Rural do Semi Árido, Mossoró, RN
    Publishing Vice-Director

CBRA Policies

Editorial Policies

CBRA encourages its publications to seek for continuous improvement in their technical processes and in the adoption of international best practices and recommendations, aiming to broaden their impact with national and international indexes. CBRA expects its publications to become a reference for regional, national and international impact in research and knowledge related to the biology of animal reproduction.

Peer review policies

CBRA does not interfere in their journal's peer review evaluation processes, ensuring full autonomy for its editors. Editors are encouraged to always pursue the use of well-documented, unbiased, peer-review processes appropriate for each type of research and based on the highest ethical standards, adhering as much as possible to recommendations and best practice guidelines published by recognized entities. such as:

Research ethics and malpractice policies

CBRA expects authors, editors and reviewers to follow the highest level of ethics at all stages of research, data acquisition and processing, writing, evaluation and publication of the manuscript. Editors of journals published by the CBRA are encouraged to keep themselves up to date on research and publication ethics recommendations and best practices. More specifically, upon being notified of any ethical suspicion or misconduct, Editors are advised to take active steps to investigate by following the recommendations and flowcharts available from the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) at Especially in works and research that employ animals or animal tissue (laboratory or client owned), CBRA requires its publications to adopt good ethical research practices in accordance with the International Association of Veterinary Editors’ Consensus Author Guidelines on Animal Ethics and Welfare.

Informed consent policies

CBRA expects that its publications related to client-owned animal research to always encourage and verify that good veterinary practices are being followed and that informed consent has been obtained when necessary.

Correction and retraction policies

CBRA fully endorses the ICMJE recommendations regarding scientific misconduct, briefly described by the following quote on their website:

“Scientific misconduct in research and non-research publications includes but is not necessarily limited to data fabrication; data falsification including deceptive manipulation of images; purposeful failure to disclose conflicts of interest; and plagiarism.”

ICMJE (2019) Scientific Misconduct, Expressions of Concern, and Retraction, available at

Editors of CBRA publications are required to understand and follow the ICMJE recommendations and procedures detailed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) when suspected misconduct arises before or after publication. Furthermore, CBRA will assemble temporary committees with the participation of the Scientific Affairs and Publications Directors to help their Editors with the investigation and final decision to publish corrections, expressions of concern, or retracting published articles.

Advertising policies

CBRA is a not-for-profit entity whose sole source of income is membership dues and sponsorships for its events and conferences. Publishing advertisements in journals published by the CBRA is prohibited. Questions regarding advertisements and sponsorship options for CBRA events should be sent directly to

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