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Concentration of soybean lecithin affects short-term storage success of goat semen related with seminal plasma removal

Robespierre Augusto Joaquim Araújo Silva; André Mariano Batista; Lúcia Cristina Pereira Arruda; Helder Melo de Souza; Igor Henrique de Azevedo Valença Nery; Wilton Arruda Gomes; Pierre de Castro Soares; Sildivane Valcácia Silva; Maria Madalena Pessoa Guerra

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Abstract: The objective of this study was to investigate the need of seminal plasma removal for short-term cooling of buck semen in soybean lecithin (SL) based extender. Each pool was divided equally, and one half was subjected to centrifugation to remove seminal plasma (SP-), while the other half remained with seminal plasma (SP+). Then, both SP+ and SP- samples were diluted in two SL extenders (extender A = 1% SL; extender B = 2% SL), cooled to 5ºC and stored for 48 hours. The sperm kinetics, evaluated by CASA, and plasma membrane integrity (PMI), acrosomal integrity (ACI) and high mitochondrial membrane potential (HMMP), evaluated by epifluorescence microscopy, were determined within five minutes after reaching 5°C (T0), as well as after 24 (T24) and 48 (T48) hours of storage. Interactions (seminal plasma vs. extender vs. time;) were observed for all variables assessed. Total and progressive motility and other variables of sperm kinetics decreased after 24 hours of cooling in the SP+ group, and after 48 hours of storage, these same variables were lower in SP+/B compared to SP-/B groups. Furthermore, SP+ reduced PMI (extender B, T48), HMMP (A and B extenders, T48) and ACI (extender A, T0) compared to SP- samples. The interactions between seminal plasma and soybean lecithin phospholipids seemed to occur in a time-dependent manner. It was concluded that the removal of seminal plasma improves the quality of goat semen that was cooled in a soybean lecithin-based extender, especially when using 2% soybean lecithin.


buck sperm, phosphatidylcholine, liquid storage semen, phospholipase A2


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