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Animal Reproduction (AR)
Thematic Section: 36th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Embryo Technology Society (SBTE)

Embryo biopsies for genomic selection in tropical dairy cattle

Clara Slade Oliveira; Luiz Sergio Almeida Camargo; Marcos Vinicius Gualberto Barbosa da Silva; Naiara Zoccal Saraiva; Carolina Capobiango Quintão; Marco Antonio Machado

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Genomic selection has transformed the livestock industry, enabling early-life selection of animals. Biopsy sampling of pre-implantation embryos has been described since 1968. However, it was only after 2010, with the advancement of molecular biology techniques such as whole genomic amplification and SNP Chips, that next-generation sequencing became commercially available for bovine embryos. It is now possible to make decisions about which embryos to transfer not only based on recipients’ availability or embryo morphology but also on genomic estimates. This technology can be implemented for a wide spectrum of applications in livestock. In this review, we discuss the use of embryo biopsy for genomic selection and share our experience with Gir and Girolando Brazilian breeding programs, as well as future goals for implementing it in Brazilian bovine in vitro embryo production practices.


genome selection, bovine, embryo biopsy, dairy breeding programs


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