Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

Effect of the presence and location of corpus luteum on competence of bovine cumulus-oocyte complexes

Edgar Ricardo Moreno Jerez; Alejandra Arias García; Marina Caccia; Aldemar Chávez Rodríguez; Silvia Juliana Restrepo Gonzales; Edgar Mauricio Mogollón Waltero; Diego Fernando Dubeibe Marín

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Abstract: This study aimed to determine the effect of presence of the corpus luteum (CL) and its influence on cumulus–oocyte complexes (COCs) obtained from the ipsilateral or contralateral ovary in bovine on the recovery and capacity of the oocytes to sustain mono-spermic fertilization, undergo preimplantation development, and develop to the blastocyst stage. Ovaries were collected at a local slaughterhouse and kept in pairs corresponding to the same animal. In the first experiment the variables evaluated were compared between cows with (CCL+) and without (CCL-) CL, and for the second experiment, comparisons were made between ovaries with an ipsilateral (CL+), contralateral (CL), and no (NCL). The recovery rate of COCs was higher in ovaries from CCL cows, and a higher proportion of grade 1 COCs were recovered from this group. A higher proportion of metaphase I oocytes at 7 h of maturation, and a higher rate of cleavage were observed in the CCL+ group; however, a higher proportion of embryos were obtained from the CCL group. Besides, COCs from the CL+ group had a lower proportion of grades 1 and 2 morphological qualities, lower rate of metaphase II oocytes at 22 h of maturation, and lower rate of formation of two pronuclei, whereas a higher proportion of unfertilized oocytes after in vitro fertilization. On the other hand, the COCs from the CL group displayed a lower proportion of oocytes with more than two pronuclei, higher cleavage rate, and higher final blastocyst production were obtained when compared to CL+. Thus, the effects of CL on the competence of bovine COCs are different depending on the anatomical proximity of their location in the animal, negatively affecting the quality of COCs located in the same ovary, but not having negative effects on the competence of COCs in the ovaries contralateral to their location.


oocyte competence, sperm penetration, nuclear maturation, bovine embryos


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