Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)

Influence of antibiotics on bacterial load and sperm parameters during short-term preservation of collared peccary semen

Caio Sérgio Santos; Lívia Batista Campos; Érica Camila Gurgel Praxedes; Samara Sandy Jerônimo Moreira; João Batista Freire Souza-Júnior; Pierre Comizzoli; Francisco Marlon Carneiro Feijó; Alexandre Rodrigues Silva

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Studies on semen and sperm cells are critical to develop assisted reproductive technologies for the conservation of the collared peccary. The objective of the study was to compare the effect of different antibiotics on the bacterial load and sperm quality during short-term storage of peccary semen. Fresh semen samples from 10 males were extended in Tris-egg yolk or Tris-Aloe vera supplemented with streptomycin-penicillin (SP; 1 mg/mL - 1000 IU/mL or 2 mg/mL - 2000 IU/mL) or gentamicin (30 µg/mL or 70 µg/mL) before storage at 5°C. Bacterial load and sperm motility, membrane integrity and function, mitochondrial activity, and morphology, were evaluated at different time points for 36 h. The SP and gentamicin treatments concentration inhibited (p < 0.05) bacterial growth for 36 h regardless of the extender. Compared to the other treatments, Tris-egg yolk plus 70 µg/mL gentamicin maintained the sperm parameters for longer, including total motility (41.9 ± 6.1%) at 24 h, and membrane integrity (58.3 ± 2.1%) at 36 h. In contrast, the highest SP concentration in both extenders impaired sperm membrane integrity at 36 h (p < 0.05). For the liquid storage of collared peccary semen, it therefore is recommended to use Tris extender supplemented with egg yolk and gentamicin (70 µg/mL).


antibiotics, extenders, semen, peccary, short-term storage


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