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Animal Reproduction (AR)
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Impact of in vitro fertilization by refrigerated versus frozen buffalo semen on developmental competence of buffalo embryos

Jaci Almeida; Beatriz Parzewski Neves; Mayara Ferreira Brito; Robson Ferreira Freitas; Lílian Gabriel Lacerda; Lira Santos Grapiuna; João Paulo Haddad; Patrícia Alencar Auler; Marc Henry

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Abstract: The objective of this study was to evaluate the fertility of buffalo semen for in vitro embryo production (IVEP) by comparing the effectiveness of refrigerated versus frozen semen. Three OPU sessions were held at 30-day intervals. For oocyte fertilization three buffalo bulls were used, one per session. At each OPU-IVEP session, one ejaculate was collected and divided into two equal aliquots. Each aliquot was either refrigerated at 5ºC/24 hours or frozen. A TRIS extender containing 10% low density lipoproteins, 0.5% lecithin and 10 mM acetylcysteine was used adding 7% glycerol for freezing. Sperm motility/kinetic was evaluated by CASA and sperm membrane integrity by the hypoosmotic swelling test. The evaluations were performed at 0 h (post final dilution at 37ºC), at 4 and 24 hs post-incubation at 5ºC and post-thaw. At 24 hs incubation and immediately post thaw sperm cells were used for in vitro fertilization of buffalo oocytes equally distributed between both groups. Cleavage rates and embryo development were followed. The embryo/matured and embryo/cultured rates were 25.4 x 14.0% and 29.4 x 18.5% (P<0.05), for chilled and frozen semen, respectively. It is concluded that cooled semen can be used for in vitro embryo production in buffalo and that a better efficiency may be expected for cooled compared to frozen semen.


oocyte donors, OPU, in vitro fertilization


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