Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)
Thematic Section: 36th Annual Meeting of the Association of Embryo Technology in Europe (AETE)

Boar seminal plasma: current insights on its potential role for assisted reproductive technologies in swine

Inmaculada Parrilla; Emilio Arsenio Martinez; Maria Antonia Gil; Cristina Cuello; Jordi Roca; Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez; Cristina Alicia Martinez

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Abstract: Seminal plasma (SP) supports not only sperm function but also the ability of spermatozoa to withstand biotechnological procedures as artificial insemination, freezing or sex sorting. Moreover, evidence has been provided that SP contains identifiable molecules which can act as fertility biomarkers, and even improve the output of assisted reproductive technologies by acting as modulators of endometrial and embryonic changes of gene expression, thus affecting embryo development and fertility beyond the sperm horizon. In this overview, we discuss current knowledge of the composition of SP, mainly proteins and cytokines, and their influence on semen basic procedures, such as liquid storage or cryopreservation. The role of SP as modulator of endometrial and embryonic molecular changes that lead to successful pregnancy will also be discussed.


protein, cytokine, sperm, embryo, pig


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