Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)
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Seasonal variation in sexual performance of Awassi rams

R.T. Kridli, A.Y. Abdullah, B.S. Obeidat, R.I. Qudsieh, H.H. Titi, M.S. Awawdeh

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Six mature, sexually experienced Awassi rams were exposed to estrous ewes during the spring and autumn seasons to evaluate variations in sexual performance. During each season, body weight (BW) and scrotal circumference (SC) were evaluated. Additionally, during each season, rams were individually exposed to 2 estrous Awassi ewes for four 20-minute occasions, each 2 days apart. Sexual performance parameters were recorded during each exposure. No differences in BW were observed between the two seasons, while SC was greater (P < 0.05) during the autumn than the spring season. Leg kicking and anogenital sniffing frequencies were not affected by season. However, greater mounting frequency (P < 0.01), greater female tail-raising frequency (P < 0.05) and greater mating frequency (P < 0.05) were observed during the autumn than the spring season. Correlations existed between mounting and tail-raising frequencies (r = 0.41; P < 0.05) leg kicking and mating frequencies (r = 0.78; P < 0.05) and between tail-raising and mating frequencies (r = 0.53; P < 0.001). Mating efficiency (mounts per mating) was numerically lower during the spring than the autumn season. In conclusion, Awassi rams appear to have better sexual performance during the autumn than the spring season. Despite this fact, rams still had satisfactory sexual activity and performance during the spring and were capable of mating with fat-tailed ewes.


sexual behavior, sheep, season
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