Animal Reproduction (AR)
Animal Reproduction (AR)
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Effect of dietary fat supplementation on reproductive performance of goats

H.H. Titi and R. Awad

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The study was conducted to evaluate the effect of dietary dry fat inclusion on reproductive performance of Shami goats. Forty-five dry Shami goats (2 - 4 years of age, 64 kg body weight) were selected and divided randomly into 3 groups of 15 goats each in a completely randomized design. Treatments started 45 days before mating using one of three total mixed rations (TMR): 0, 3, or 5% of dry fat. Estrus was synchronized before mating and blood samples were taken to determine plasma progesterone concentrations. Concentrations of plasma progesterone were not affected by adding supplemental fat. The addition of dry fat did not affect the overall conception rate. However, 3% supplemental fat increased (P < 0.05) the second-cycle conception rate. A 3% level of dry fat had no effect on litter size, twining rate, or kid birth weight. Feeding 5% supplemental fat adversely (P < 0.05) affected these parameters, but improved (P < 0.05) kid birth weight. The gestation length was increased (P < 0.05) by feeding supplemental fat. It was concluded that adding dry fat at different levels to Shami goat diets could not improve reproductive performance. However, using 5% supplemental fat adversely affected litter size and twining rate, but improved the kid birth weight


Shami goat, fat supplementation, reproductive performance
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